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You can sign up for the monthly plans directly in the app in Shopify. The payments will be processed via Secure Pay in Shopify. It’s good to know that the billing works in 30-day cycles so you will only be charged at the end of the billing cycle.

For the moment, Sweethelp is available for Shopify, Wix. New platforms and integrations will be added soon. Stay tuned !

No. There is no setup fee.

Yes. With Sweethelp, feel free to downgrade and upgrade when you want. You can also cancel or uninstall anytime you want !

Our pricing is simple. There are currently 2 plans :

- The Free plan that contains all the basic features needed on top of which we add the cost of each automatic message sent (price varies per country).

- The Pro plan that contains more premium features to skyrocket the growth of your business. For this plan, we charge a monthly subscription fee of $49 on top of which we add the cost of each automatic message sent (price varies per country).

Yes, we offer annual packages. Schedule a meeting with us and we'll help you choose the package that's right for you.

Contact us via WhatsApp or email at to suggest new features or improvements that you want to see in the app. We can’t wait to hear from you!

No, messages that don’t get delivered will not be charged.

It depends on the plan you selected.

For users on the Free plan, automated messages are dispatched from our verified WhatsApp number, as WhatsApp mandates that only numbers approved through their Business API process can send automated messages. However, to facilitate direct communication between you and your customers, we will incorporate your customer support number into all outgoing messages. This ensures that your customers can contact you effortlessly with just one click.

For users subscribed to the Pro plan, automated messages will be dispatched from your own verified WhatsApp number. We will initiate the application process with Meta to secure verification for your personal number, incorporating your logo and branding elements to boost your sales.

You can only send WhatsApp messages to the people who have opted in.